My new short story collection ABSOLUTE INVENTION is out now and available from Secret History Books

It’s another story collection, my favorite kind of book all the way around.

My most recent book is the collection Absolute Invention. It falls along the same lines as my previous collection Where Alligators Sleep. Some fantastic stories, some surreal, some spending time in the realm of fabulism.

The book was published this spring by Secret History Books, a press headed up by the one and only Mike Lafontaine, a great friend and fine writer, and can be bought at Amazon by following the link below.

Buy Absolute Invention.

Thanks in advance to those who buy it and read it.

I have a new story called “Pepper” in Barren Magazine’s new issue.

It’s been a long day. Put in more than ten hours at the day job. Did some major emailing when I got home (book stuff). Throw in the two-hour commute and the fact that my day started at 5 a.m. and you’ve got one tired 43 year old let me tell you.

It’s been so busy today I’ve hardly had time to mention that one of my favorite stories I’ve written in a long time was published today at Barren Magazine. It’s called “Pepper” and I started writing it because I wanted to remember times tossing baseball with my mom at Lulie Bate’s trailer park on Indian Creek in Pike County, Kentucky.

I managed to do everything I wanted to do with this story. All the feelings I wanted to bring back to the surface were brought back to the surface; all the nostalgia was there in full; all the reasons it wanted to be a story were readily available to me as I plugged along on it.

I’m proud of the story. And Meagan Lucas, the fiction editor who helped me shape the final draft published today, was as valuable as an editor as I’ve ever experienced. She handled herself like a pro and served up pro-level help. It made the story that much better. Please do go see for yourself. Follow the link below and read “Pepper” and then cruise the rest of the Barren’s Issue 9.

Read “Pepper”

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the story. I’d love to hear from you.

New story @ Change Seven today


I’m grateful to Sheryl Monk for publishing my short story “A Dragon Shall Ascend to Heaven” today and for always, through everything, supporting my writing. I really can’t express how much it has meant to me over the past year and a half (and always for that matter). I surely hope you drop by and read the story but also have a look at the amazing redesign Sheryl and the gang have put together at Change Seven. The site is beyond professional. It’s really masterful.